Who we are

Since 2009, 2id perspires music daily. We are all musical beings and believe in the power of music allied to brands.

2id is a MUSIC BRANDING agency that is connected with the musical universe since its beginning. It was born with the objective to create the relationship between MUSIC + PEOPLE + BRANDS to present positive results and transform this sum in experiences.

Danrley Calabrezi
Danrley Calabrezi
Founder & CEO
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique
Music Experience
Regina Chioccarello
Regina Chioccarello
Music Branding
Elisa Rios
Music Curator
Bruno Lima
Bruno Lima
Web Developer
Bruna Lorenzete
Press Office
Marcio Biasolli
New Business & Creative
Tais Reis
Tais Reis
Software Developer

What we do

We use music as a starting point to everything we do. Since the creation of a campaign to the point of sale’s musical curatorship… There are no limits to music.

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Music for retail

2id got into the Music Branding Market by developing retail projects. In the beginning we analyze brand’s DNA and develop a study to create a musical DNA. Currently we attend to more than 2500 pos around the world, we are in more than 13 countries and thousands of people are impacted by our exclusive playlists with each brand’s DNA.

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Music Experience!

The choice for a brand doesn’t depend only in the cost-benefit relation of a product, but on the connection that it’s capable to create with the consumers. 2id’s team, through Music Experience, creates brand experiences through music to transform consumers into fans, with actions that involve them and strengthen the bond between brand and client.

Ícone de um gradrado com bordas cinzas e fundo brando o sinal de x no meio
Ícone com dois balões de fala um com uma cifra de música e o outro com três pontinhos

Musical Content

We already know that social networks and blogs are important tools for the brands to reach their public with assertiveness, when used properly. 2id’s team develops musical contents for blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Either if it’s to create posts or contents for guidelines… If it’s to talk about music, count on us!

Ícone de um gradrado com bordas cinzas e fundo brando o sinal de x no meio
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Streaming Channels

Did you know that Spotify became an option to lure your public by their ears? One of 2id’s roles, other than intermediate the creation of the streaming channel of the brand between Spotify and the client’s advertising agency, is to develop the musical curatorship, draw strategies, plan content of the channel and increase the brand performance with music as a catalyst.

Ícone de um gradrado com bordas cinzas e fundo brando o sinal de x no meio
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Other Projects

2id’s team is addicted to music. We work from the songwriting to movie soundtracks, theater, parades, and events. For promotional actions, we have the musical duo ‘Duotônica’ available, it’s formed by the group Reg and Neoh, members of 2id’s Music Branding team. If there’s music, count on us!

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2id is present in many brands and different segments. These are brands that invest, believe in music, and care about the experiences they provide to their customers.

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Logo da marca Morana
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Logo da marca Brooksfield Donna
Logo da marca Sestini
Logo da marca LabelaMafia
Logo da marca Via Veneto
Logo da marca Love Brands
Logo da marca Balone
Logo da marca Brooksfield
Logo da marca Casa das Cuecas
Logo da marca Little Tokyo
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Logo da marca Nakombi
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In the media

Whatever’s happening in 2id and what people around the world are talking about us.

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Apolo is a Music Branding platform directed towards the pos and developed by 2id. With it we attend more than 2500 pos and we are present in more than 13 countries like Argentina, Mexico, USA, Portugal, Spain, Arab Emirates, among others.
We perform a thorough study of all the brand’s characteristics and create the musical DNA for it to be reproduced to their customers, making the store’s environment more pleasant. Helping with sales and interacting with their public. This musical DNA is daily managed by the research team and 2id’s musical curatorship.We believe in the power of music and how it can move people when used properly. Apolo turns your playlist into a actual radio for your brand!

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It doesn’t require full time Internet connection
Ícone de atualizações composto por duas setas simulando o desenho de um circulo apontando para o sentido horário
Constant musical programming updates
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100% automated and easy to install
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Insert commercial spots and control your programming


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